So here goes…

For several years I have been told by more people than I can count that I should write a book.  Me?  Write a book?  I READ books.  I don’t write them.  I’m just a boring old grandma who had to retire too early due to MS and I’m still trying, after a whole year, to find my way in this weird new life.  What would I write about?  I’ve been told over and over that I should write about my life, that it would make a great story, and all I can think of when I hear that is “It’s just a life. Nothing particularly interesting about my life, or me.”  Authors are people who can take you away to different worlds. They can teach you things, they can bring out a whole range of emotions, and they can make you think about everything and anything.  And I’m just me, and I don’t think I know how to do those cool things, so I thought I would give blogging a try.  We can chat about anything, and everything.  I hope to have pages with book reviews, crafty things, cooking, and living with MS.  Because of that last one (yeah, the MS thing) my brain doesn’t always work so great, so there may be times that you are scratching your head thinking “What the hell is she talking about?”.  I’ll apologize in advance, but hey, it could be funny, right? So stay tuned.  This will be a work in progress for a while while I’m getting the hang of this stuff and hopefully one day soon it will be all pretty and interesting.

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  1. Well, my friend, its about time! But please don’t give up on the idea of a book! I know you have at least one or ten good stories you could tell that would captivate an audience! Perhaps you need to chat with Sharon Struth…..she’ll tell you it’s never to late to try it! Good luck with the blog! I’ll be your number one fan.

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  2. Happy blogging, Dawn! I write all day, five days a week and I still find my own blog a place of solace, where I can think my thoughts. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I’ll get the hang of this soon and figure out all the technical stuff so I can get down to it. There is so much in my brain that is just dying to come out! Hopefully in such a way that it makes sense and isn’t just a tangle of random words that nobody, including me, will understand!!

  3. How awesome. Iܣve never made anything besides rice in a rice cooker. Although, come to think of it, when I was younger and my family would go on car trips, we’d bring one along and have hot pot in our hotel room. Handy!

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  5. I dont ever remember her making this…she put alot of different things together..and they always were tasty…and caraway in potato soup is de3v8e&#n2i0;thanks for sharing this memory of Grandma Gasso…

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  14. Elaine, Your dear son Colton, IM'd me this afternoon to let me know of your book release! I am so thrilled for you and this amazing life accomplishment. I look forward to ordering and reading the book. I am a big Duffy Robbins fan and see that he writes one of your endorsements! The book cover and the trailer are stunningly beautiful! Again my congratulations and I know that the body of Christ will be blessed by your offering. Blessings,Susan Ford (One of Colton's former teachers at WCS)

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  19. – I find January always hits hard after months of holiday distractions and everything whizzing by in a blur. I struggle with finding balance, too, and it’s not always easy slowing down when you feel like you need keep moving! Lovely post as always, and I can’t wait to try this curry!

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  31. A third of the hikes go up those very stairs. When I started venturing into Tabor, long before the blog, I always ran those stairs to get the blood, and gallons of sweat, flowing. Now only some of the hikes involve those stairs. But I love/hate them and hold them near and dear. Thanks for the lovely image of your evening wind-down. I enjoy reading (and ahem… smoking) on my porch at dusk in the burgeoning autumn.

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  75. Lovely – thanks for this brief – I look forward to the rest. My wife and I will be in Israel for the first time in October where the excuse is that our daughter-in-law is dancing (RWB tour). I hope we can find slightly scruffy areas to stay in too.

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  82. Bane was a very big Latino dude who was juiced up on ‘roids or something in the DC version of Batman comics. It’s no brainer that Hollywood sells for what works and twists the original characters’ story . Sometimes they win like this movie and sometimes they lose like Dare Devil (of all the natural blonde actors Ben Affleck???? King Pin is a black guy???). I am sure if Hardy grew up in the US he would have gone more in the American(north or south) Latin direction as opposed to some Romanian accent.

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  102. They should all smile and count their blessings that you care enough to be in church and to have your kids in church. How many churches around the US are “graying”? My older sister’s church shut its doors, sold the property, and merged with another. Thanks for keeping the faith and sticking with it!

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