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    A Brief History of Cardboard BoxesEverybody uses cardboard boxes, they may be helpful for storage and removals and are also green. Cardboard boxes are the 1st thing you look for when moving house or seeking to transport large amounts of paperwork or perhaps your precious items, but where did they come from and just how long were they been with us?Although still known as ‘cardboard boxes’ by many people nowadays, industrially prefabricated boxes is now able to sometimes be made from other similar materials including card stock, paperboard or corrugated fibreboard and come in a massive amount of styles, shapes and sizes. People see and employ them each day and don’t even notice, cereal boxes, drink cartons and cigarette packets are all used daily by many people. Anything remotely expensive that you buy will probably are available in one, from shoes to computers, televisions or perhaps CD’s and DVD’s that you purchase online.It is believed that this first commercial boxes were produced in England as long ago as 1817! 73 years later in 1890 the 1st flat-pack boxes were invented. These storage boxes were actually manufactured from paperboard because material we understand today as cardboard was manufactured prior to the turn in the last century. The popularity of flaked breakfast cereal massively increased the amount of boxes being manufactured and circulated. The popularity of cardboard boxes was worldwide, their manufacture in USA was started around 1895 and also by the early last century these were replacing traditional wooden crates and wooden boxes being a cheaper and much easier strategy to gold coast removalists reviews transporting goods.