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    The Bachelorette Ashley Hebert is engaged, giving the final rose to JP Rosenbaum on the grand finale of the show on Monday, August 1, 2010. After turning down Ben’s heartfelt proposal and sending him packing, Ashley cries her eyes out relating to forty seconds and next accepts bachelor number two’s gigantic Neil Lane $150,000. A lot of yes to JP as well.

    After the show, she thought they’d go back to normal with him as an airplane pilot and settle into coupledom. Instead, Jake did a stint on Dancing light and portable Stars consequently they went to Los Angeles. She thought he’d become a pilot but he decided to pursue an acting activity.

    Next was the group date towards roller derby rink. Bachelorettes Sean Lowe picked in this date included Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, Ashlee, Sarah and Tierra.

    Jamie lets Chris tumble. Chris tossed aside Jamie to partner with Sarah, therefore it’s no wonder she was bitter at the finale. "You claimed that you loved Emily so quite a bit. I think Emily’s such a fortunate girl, very aware of see all over you. Certain think selecting any great father to her little girl," Jamie lashed out at Chris.

    Ashley took note of Ben F. while they were painting a mural too orphanage in Thailand. Billy.

    neil lane engagement rings rose gold . was the winemaker from Sonoma, offering up a life-style that worried only fantasize about.

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    Their post-climbing activity ends up being (slightly) more romantic. Sean and Selma canoodle by campfire on a set decorated with kitschy RVs and trailers. Amidst a regarding baby talk and whispered sweet nothings, Selma tells Sean about her ultra-conservative upbringing. The is her mother extremely upset about her began on the show, but she also explains – with her pouty lips right by his – that gone will be the kissy-kissy anterior to the cameras often. Tease much, Selma? Although frustrated and disappointed, Sean tells her he respects her state of affairs. He hands her a rose as he says he’s "crazy" about her.

    One of the "reunion" of associated with these on The Bachelorette, said Chris, would have bring closure inside of break up. As outlined by the venom that flew back and forth on the screen, it’s likely this will still play out.