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    Magnetic tape may be used in various ways around your house, school or work. On the front of these it comes with an adhesive face and on a corner a magnetic face, meaning that it is possible to stick the magnet with a variety of surfaces. It’s thin, flexible, versatile and inexpensive, so that it is ideal for many applications.

    Needless to say Martha Stewart has built a fantastic household use for magnetic tape – with the addition of it on your dustpan. All that you do is stick a piece of this tape at the back of your dustpan (the final nearest to the handle) then whenever you sweep up your floors you can easily trap any nails, screws and other small metal objects which may have found their way to the floor. This dustpan enhancement works well in your home but also is a superb addition to the garage or shop.

    There are a variety of other craft projects designed to use these, including:

    • Fridge magnet clips

    • Magnetic wall calendar boards

    • Magnetic advertising boards

    Match pole magnetic tape is really a slightly different form of them, which is created for applications that you have magnet attaching to magnet. They work insurance agencies one roll magnetized as "side A" and yet another roll magnetized as "side B."

    High energy may be the third sort of adhesive magnetic, that is utilized for further powerful applications. These have almost twice the magnetic pull strength as regular tape, rendering it suitable for industrial applications or robust usage.

    Magnetic tape is fantastic to work with in your shop or garage as a method of organizing tools, bits, screws and nails. They can be used at home to arrange your little one’s toys and keep them off the floor. It can be employed in various spots at home or workplace, for example to hold what to metal walls or frames. It is also an excellent tool in schools and is utilized on chalkboards as well as to help decorate the classroom.

    They’ve an additional which is not adhesive, this is the type of magnetic tape that was widely used previously for data and audio storage. This tape is utilized for magnetic recording which is manufactured from thin magnetisable coating with a narrow, long strip of plastic. This technology was applied for video tapes, audio tapes plus radio studios. However, with these for data and audio storage continues to be outdated which is being widely substituted for newer technologies approaches to record data and audio.

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