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    Congratulations on with no points of controversy

    For you never mentioned buying the content. Two you can try to insult me if you want but that reveals how small your argument holds weight with classic gold wow. And three yes which was a part of this fun and still is now there is a great number of people who farm gold and apply the AH to get into content since its easier to do and less time consuming. Ontop of how can it be fun to be made to adhere to a set raid schedule for a game thats already figured out and have guild leaders breath down your neck over items they’re going to master loot from you when you may only purchase those things and then go into the raid and not be concerned about becoming ninja looted.

    Should you think gold farmers are gunna be a problem too thats fine but proof shows Blizzard cracks them down hard enough to discourage that. So much your argument is that every form of content is boring and that the only solution would be to race through everything. Which is wrong and you are just quoting what the video said on the group quests which I never mentioned with your illustrations. As to why casuals would have significantly less fun, congratulations on with no points of controversy. You didn’t talk about paying no need to gold for raids as a viable option. I can view your original message and the only mention of people even farming gold is that this”Good gear takes playtime, and generally non fun playtime(farm the identical dungeon repeatedly, farm occupation stuff or just pure gold to purchase things ).”

    Where you has nothing to do with casual gamers as dungeons that are grinding and say its unfun is not the way to get a casual to even get gold or boes. The one thing mentioned was hardcore raiders selling the content after they had completed the whole raid and boes being a grind fest which on your words paints the picture of casuals not having the ability to attain these things in relevant time intervals. Little weight is held by Both these statements to actual players. The fact you state its UNFUN is not the argument the debate is the availability of this content to casuals that there’s plenty of it during WoW Classic.

    The raids account for less than 10% of the entire content from WoW Classic and pvp BG even less the major draw of the classic sport has and always will be leveling which you downplay and state its boring. If WoW Classic is dull in all aspects play, speak about, watch movies on, or talk classic in general. What you consider to be fun or unfun is subjective and there’s plenty of people who believe all the points you designed to be”fun” instead of unfun. I supplied you from asmongold himself. You think fiddling Im sorry if you understand that people might have fun doing something.