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    I’m already max amount

    Its match. . I’m already max amount, have a nice home, alot of trophies and spend some cash… love the sport 8:35 it will, trust me… after you want to doge and strategy your own Maplestory mobile mesos to have great dmg in dungeons, you will be looking for priest to set up etc.. Its simple on the begining to gradually introduce the sport to new players, after it gets chalenging… and also new chaos raids coming out it will get even more hardcore!?

    I played Maplestory 1 for approximately 6 decades. I love how Nexon has really stayed close to home with MS2. It seems they stuck to the entire lighthearted/cute motif, which I love, which was what drew me into Maplestory 1. I really like the way the game does not take itself seriously at all, and the base gameplay really doesn’t just boil down to me sitting spamming the same key over and over again to level my character. There’s a wide array of unwanted activitys that don’t relate to levels solely for the sake of becoming the maximum level in the game.

    The community in Maplestory is and always has been helpful and really communicative as well as its super easy to meet people and make friends. This appears to also be true in MS2 as well, that is very important to me. Luckily, it also appears that for now they arent likely to ruin the match with p2w elements like they did with the first game(I really hope that never happens). All in all, in my opinion, Maplestory 2 has been nothing short of a very enjoyable and cute game that I can jump and play for a quick hour or two of pleasure once I get home from work. I am quite happy with what Nexon did using the sport that years ago formed so many precious memories over the years. ?

    I played with a great deal of MS1 back. It had been fun but also dull towards end game grinding it out and started Vac’ing mobs so boring. . MS2 imo, is fun, at the moment I am enjoying myself much, although the concept of making alt to get stronger on your primary is not for me, do not like playing lots of characters. However, with the Dungeon changes, that is gonna make it more enjoyable. All in all, 9/10 so for for me. . Downside I am having: Being with mouse and Keyboard and at times you just gotta go with just Keyboard to be more precise, like at FD, heading in a grip at P2 or hugging the wall to the flame isn’t so hard using computer keyboard, but not easy with mouse clicking. 😀 But hey, I am learning and do it up to now. . Potions and leaves are so expensive in shops, same goes for Elixers, which may only be bought with Merets or obtained through Boss such and killing. So not easy to find. (Good it isn’t P2W though)?