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    What I get from commentary from the week

    Congratulations coach! You’ve been selected Madden 20 Coins to coach in the bowland after the season you’ve had, I could not consider anyone more fitting! “Not only the yards but also the three passing touchdowns…” Can’t recall the precise quote, but that’s essentially what I get from commentary from the week following a running back comes with a statline like this. No clue why, but they insist on talking about him throwing touchdowns, despite being the running back. I guess they’re getting ready for Lamar Jackson’s likely to alter the league?

    I got one where it said”I’m not sure why you have chosen…but congrats anyway!” Once I did a sim and won one match. I had an OL Madden player make the pro bowl and that was it.I still adore these situations. When they are on point, they’re immersive. When they are off kilter, they’re ridiculous.Those things are getting more and more ridiculous. Then I forced him that the ballgot 7 touchdowns, and he dislocated his hip. This was fun.

    I had a man who was leading the league in yards from the slot position, got hurt, and the first game he’s cleared to play he’s bitching that he wasn’t used enough. Oh, I’m sorry, we ought to have carted your ass on the area and ignored your shoulder injury and thrown the ball. He had been pleased after Madden, because of course he’d be… dude was a speedy guy with great hands lined up in the slot, damn right I will abuse the defense when I can with that. Worst is when you receive a message such as that or growth opportunity and their first or second run/catch ends up with them being injured. It is like Madden purposely sabotages these chances.

    I think we’d discover any pair of announcers annoying after playing Madden for such a long time, because in real life their commentary does not get as stale because of how repetitive it is. Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin are decent announcers in real life. It is the same as how annoying Jim Nantz and Phil Simms were after a couple of Maddens.They should put multiple voices in Madden and give them overall ratings based on how good their commentary is IRL.Brandon Gaudin is awful in real life too. There’s a reason that he calls school games and not NFL games. Davis is really pretty great in real life however.