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    EA has had exclusive rights

    Someone (2k sports) has to make an”open source” soccer game engine, in which people are able to customize everything in Madden 20 coins and share rosters, players, logos, stadiums, etc.And that the NFL would Sue, like the way City of Heroes obtained hailed as you may use the character creator to make someone’s IP.Which football match lets you fully customize and share logos, players, and stadiums because the EA has had exclusive rights? All Professional 2K8 and backbreaker had customization options and enabled downloading rosters/logos. Both sold like garbage. Unless it’s got the NFL Shield directly on the box, people don’t care.

    Backbreaker was not a good match overall… (even though it had NFL licensing).All Pro 2K8 lacked a few features that many anticipated from 2K5 and so was not a great game overall. However is a community which still makes and shares roster upgrades. Before anybody will take care of the customizability A match has to be made first. Madden is a brand with a lot of momentum, but that I don’t think that it’s indestructible given how many people have Madden over the years because their exclusivity. A game needs to get the Shield on it before the demographic that plays football games cares about it. There were plenty of soccer franchises in 1990s and early 2000s, there is a reason just.

    Those were BAD games too. No company would also invest in a game without the Shield. That is why I’m saying this should be a open source project that is long-term. Look at Techmo Bowl and Baseball Stars. These were two of the most popular sports games in the 80’s while they had to go up from”RBI” and”NFL” that were both licensed and dreadful.

    Tecmo Bowl was accredited, it was the first console game to feature NFL players because of a contract with the NFLPA. And you are speaking about a third of a century ago when the gaming marketplace expectations far lower and was wildly different. A football game present in a halfway interesting manner was exciting and novel unto itself no matter if the 8 pixel high players had discernible uniforms. Football games are no longer book 30 years later, there is a lot of expected features as a baseline, and being”official” is a big one.