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    There is a good deal of game in WoW Classic

    With that said, I’m still enjoying, even if policy is reviewed by a lot of GPU and CPU from November — February basically sidetracked my testing. There is a good deal of game in WoW Classic, which really isn’t surprising, considering it is wow gold classic game that got millions of people to play with World of Warcraft. At the same time I probably should not lean too hard. Doesn’t mean it aged particularly well, or perhaps that people are hungry to return once again to its own content just because a game has elements.

    The real question for WoW Classic, to me, is how the project can evolve from here. Blizzard will continue to roll out content updates such as WoW Classic, but eventually all good things come to an end. Naxxramas is the endgame raid, and it will not keep everybody happy while that’ll challenge mid-tier players that advanced at a pace cough into content.

    I can see a few ways for Blizzard to deal with this. One is not to manage this, and to offer Classic as exactly what it is — Classic WoW, no more, no less, together with each the content. Another option is to create”classic” implementations of previous WoW expansions and offer Classic players the choice to replicate an existing hero on a BC server, move a hero from one to the other (with no option to move back), or roll fresh and confront leveling from 1-70 under TBC rules. I guess we would get the second or first option, not the next, however they are all possible.

    But there’s another path that Blizz may take content creation to vanilla WoW. Remember — original WoW had a great deal of content visible. The zone of Mount Hyjal is one example. We understood Gilneas existed from the Graymane Wall, even if we did not get to visit with the land. We’d been around Grim Batol and Tol Barad in Warcraft 2. Karazhan may not be an instance in Classic, but it is in Classic. Even if Blizzard restricted itself since it existed in 2004, there are. There is no reason why fresh 5-man or raid content could not be added into the present game.

    There is a specific reason why I can imagine Blizzard going this course — it would permit the company to revisit”What if” situations in a deadline where the Dark Portal never re-opened, and the world of Azeroth went on much as it had earlier. Arthas would still have reappeared, if the Draenei never crashed on Azeroth. The Twilight’s Hammer cult was very much present in the subsequent events of vanilla WoW. You will find ways and places where Blizzard could expand the lore of Classic with new 5-man dungeons and articles adapted to a world in which things happened quite differently (and, presumably, we remain locked at Lvl 60 and also with whatever patch version Blizzard stops ). I am a lot more interested in Classic’s development than you can typically say about a 15 year-old title, even though my playtime was a bit lacking.