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    PvP community is diminishing for each day

    Spot on, it is clear that Jagex have zero idea of what PvP in OSRS ought to be. What else can you say when they put a tweet up rs gold 2007 asking how we ought to fix PvP, get 100s of legit responses, dismisses everything, and after 3 months later put another tweet up asking how we should fix PvP? It has been neglected for years, so it’s no surprise the PvP community is diminishing for each day, and that people who didn’t leave are very miserable with status quo. Here is a clip in which he shared his thoughts regarding PvP and BH2 where Shauny did an interview with Mod Mat K.

    He explained he had been intentionally blocking the launch of BH2 for almost two decades only because the staff did not possess an understanding of exactly what PvP needed to be, and that BH2 wouldn’t solve the problems PvP were confronting (and are still ). There’s very little in BH2 that would assist PvP grow long-term (even looking out of the obvious point fostering issue). Idk, PvP just feels detached from the remainder of RuneScape. There are not really any fantastic way of being involved with this, nor do you have lots of reasons to test it out with the current focus.

    As a noob who’s accrued only about 1089 total ability WANTING to enter PvP on runescape, I feel like every time I attempt, someone destroys me immediately whether it is because of someone’s already made pure accounts that I didn’t place for when I began, or a scouting bot alerting the entire fucking 88th battalion of virginity shitting about what I ever wanted. Without slipping behind because of 13, I can’t make GP enjoy this. And it’s makes me mad it could be for many others through cheating lol.

    Get rune arrows, a magical brief bow along with a dragon dagger. Wear use monkfish and dhide and four karambwans. Use attack, super strength, deliver 2 dose endurance and 1 prayer potion and range potions. Search for bots and practice attacking and seeking to kill them. Once you can ko bots, begin taking a look at cue scroll hot spots and start attacking players and get used to the adrenaline, blood flow which accompanies pvp. Once this becomes normal and you’re able to ko players with basic meals that don’t fight back start heading to places such as rune rocks, insanity altar and only fight people who aren’t risking much as they are likely on the exact same tier as you.

    Practice one ticking your distinctive attacks/stacking damage, Whenever you’re currently doing slayer. Option Produce a degree 60 assault 70 range pure with 43 prayer. Really cheap and simple to create asking sand crabs. Don’t take long to level at all minimal quests and you can throw 1m onto it and that will last you a long moment. Pking is hard, it takes time. You are playing against other human beings, it is not some repetitive boss mechanic.