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    2020 is poised to be another year

    Jagex, a top UK developer and publisher of matches, has announced the studio’s development OSRS gold group has fortified. The hires will push forward the organization’s plans to continue growing the RuneScape franchise and also to build new game experiences. In spite of the current coronavirus situation, 2020 is poised to be another year of significant investment in recruitment.

    Jesse America was appointed Executive Producer of an unannounced online activity role-playing sport. Jesse has more than 18 decades of experience in RuneScape industry, working across different facets of game development. Jagex is joined by jesse from Activision Blizzard King, where he held senior production roles and Call of Duty Mobile.

    Mario Rizzo has joined Jagex as Executive Producer of an massive multiplayer online game. Mario has been developing MMORPGs for 17 decades, having started his career working at Sony. Mario was later responsible for Games’ International publishing as a Service in Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. Artisan Studios were recently co-founded by him and led the company as CEO.

    Jendrik Posche joins with over three decades of experience in manufacturing and technology. At Jagex, Jendrik will be operating across the total Jagex studio to help guide and support complex endeavors, ensuring that new features are produced in-line with the company and the aims of team and the service keeps growing.

    Nick Beliaeff, SVP Game Development, stated:”We are thrilled to welcome these three notable abilities to the Jagex team. Each of them brings a wealth of business expertise to leadership experience and the role in the supervision of development teams that are high performance which release industry-leading products. They will play a crucial role in the continuous evolution of Jagex by expanding and building the RuneScape Franchise as well as the technologies that makes them excellent, while creating exciting new games which build on our portfolio of alive games”

    Phil Mansell, CEO, Jagex stated:”Even through this unprecedented outbreak, we recognise the value of investing in exceptional ability and we still plan to continue to build our talent pool during 2020. Jesse, Mario and Jendrik have combined the leadership responsible for vibrant, dedicated and talented development teams, and I could not be more excited to see the foundations laid for the next exciting chapters in Jagex’s narrative”RuneScape’s Fan-Made Audio Drama Is A Perfect Questing Companion