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    Perhaps 2K will do something mad

    I don’t think 2K will cash in on Kobe packs. Imo if they sell, it is a small low blow packs for cash in Kobe’s name. Imo NBA 2K MT is a evo Kobe which everybody can appreciate without 2K feeling greedy. Let’s be honest as far as I loved Kobe as a player so I could easily find a evo Kobe card 40, even his 99 complete every stat card published last year. After Ronnie stated after the 2K tournament was reasoned Kobe content could be released 2K is treading on waters.

    Frankly brother this card will remain the same price. It’s really old and this Kobe card will assuredly be a Evo that requires two months to finish. Perhaps 2K will do something mad and give us a free Opal but that I doubt it.My dream situation is a ball drop with just two chances of winning. One is Opal Kobe #8 with the fro and the other one is faded up Opal #24 Kobe.Easy approach to make lots of people quit haha. Unless they make it uncommon enough I really don’t need to confront Opal Kobe every match, but people will whine they didn’t get him.

    I never thought I would say this but I’m really tired of playing NBA 2K lol that the past couple of weeks has been straight up dull or broken. I even that can’t keep my focus and pulled Shaq yesterday. 12-0 is near impossible the benefits are bad, and also the connection with the neighborhood is toxic as fuck. And of course the input delay makes NBA 2K feel just like playing in sand. 2K needs a complete over haul. I have been taking a break and playing different games and it is remarkable how much better I feel once I am done when compared with 2K lmao.

    Just won a shaq so that I jump right into a game, and wanted to try him out get paired up black unis, having an all court with a dude, plays basketball defense double teams as soon as a pass half court. He tried to cheese on offense but I tapped that shit simple. It had been within 8-12 points the whole game. Should have been but he obtained a few bs offensive rebounds where my guy would establish a 3 ft pass out of bounds and a few double team animations. But I blew it open with approximately 3 minutes left in the 4th he gets to the microphone starts begging me to let him triumph he is 10-0 blah blah blah I.

    I would have gave him the triumph multiple individuals have been given the win in this scenario in the past by me. I don’t care since it was non stop double teams just wanted to have fun with shaq that I couldn’t. I told him Na for several of the reasons I said before and unplugged the microphone. He went called me every name in the book used all his pauses obtained about 10 5 sec offenses begging me for the win. Ain’t going to lie it was humorous told her to listen to this man probably the highlight of my quarantine and went and got my wife.