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    When I have a quest or’m reading chat

    Many IDEs do so (and they’ve probably more configurations ), and it works quite well. Fantastic suggestion, that RuneScape gold will fix a few of the problems sorrounding the configurations.

    I sighted. That means that my text is massive on my screen or I’m about 2 inches from it. When playing RuneScape, I am said 2 inches. I sit craning my neck to read what is happening when I have a quest or’m reading chat. It’s bloody irritating to say the least, and why I don’t play with more. And while we’re here, I find that the font that they use to be unbelievably hard to read. Is this just me? I’d love to find some customization choices – even though it had been only in conversation and when talking to NPC’s. It is actually not a glamorous job for any developer but I would definitely love it.

    Very good discussion. Most of these doesn’t disturb me too much as a more casual player the past 15 decades, but I absolutely agree the tick rate is really starting to show its age. I believe that it’s a good concept, but I believe we need to start looking to things we could take from the tick system or make better tick rates for. Movement and equipment shouldn’t be bound to ticks as consumables and skills. It makes more sense for the later because the combat itself is determined by the tick system and it keeps people from being able to obsessively eat to get out of bad circumstances.

    Other things that I think need to scrap the tick speed are skills like farming. It’s really annoying how erroneous expansion cycles are just because they go on a much more global tick system. If programs such as ports can be only toss out Celtics and come back with a timercan’t skills? I also think it’s ridiculous that most potions are still not on a timer such as overloads are but rather drop according to a global tick. It’s extremely annoying when I use a dose of a potion to reach the exact amount I desire and then 2 seconds later my stat drops since I chose a terrible tick to drink it.

    I guess my point being that I believe ticks should still be around, and they don’t NEED to be faster (the global cooldown on abilities is quicker than FF14 by way of example, though that game has lots of off-cooldown abilities you may use instantly.) But obviously RuneScape has dozens of different tick rates going on at precisely the exact same time, so why not uniform them remove a number of them entirely in exchange for real timers?