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    No matter how bad I thought your crime was

    Idk I played with my buddy who’s beaten me pretty always in Madden 20 coins for many years Ravens vs 49ers. We didn’t complete Madden NFL. So I guess it’s not a personality but onside kick loophole was fairly enjoyable.

    You guys were gont conquer us regardless of home area. Then likely beat the Ravens if they won the divisional with the way your defense was heating up. No matter how bad I thought your crime was, I was scared. You don’t have any idea how thankful I was to face the Texans instead of this Patriots.We would’ve made y’all”sweat” a bit, but a totally healthy Clark and Jones against out porous line would’ve been too much. I’m thinking it had been 28-17 sort of game.

    If winning the super bowl signifies the curse is broken compared to Gronk did it in 2017. Except that the curse is not about not winning the super bowl it is about being unfortunate, Gronk nevertheless had a gnarly injury to start that season that’s why he didn’t break the curse. Mahomes overlook the curse or didn’t violate the curse. He just didn’t get hit that hard by it. If anyone beat it, then it was Brady. The only”curse” thing that happened to him was the Eagles won over the Pats in the Superbowl.

    You can not even select uniforms. Picking uniforms in H2H matchmaking has been broken since Thanksgiving. It is weird too because the inventory stuff are logos you can use in the NHL series, which includes one of the best create a team features in all sports games. People still buy Madden? I used to get it every year as a kid, I would also get NCAA football, make a Madden NFL player and win a bunch of Heismans and get hammered into Madden. But then they began feeling weird, like the Madden NFL players do not move the right way although technology has gotten better. And with all sports games it is the exact same crap each year, just updated rosters.

    It has been this way for around five years lol, EA is becoming lazier and lazier in the absence of competition. And why not they? Not like they will quit making money.Well I believe 2K recently also purchased a license to make their very own NFL game, so perhaps EA will finally pick this up now that they have real competition. I think Madden fans will buy Madden NFL if it’s good even if it isn’t realistic. Just like I imagine that there was lots of crossover between the Madden NFL participant bases of Madden and NFL street because people who adore the NFL want to play NFL games.

    Add a career mode like NBA2k. I swear the franchise mode gets worse every year only because they spend most of their time on Ultimate Team. BUT their franchise styles have great depth and customization. I perform 2k soley for that and it’s significantly better than what Madden offers. Madden trades are literally undoable. I know making transactions in NFL is uncommon and more difficult than NBA but madden made it hopeless to even do transactions. For starters, there is no commerce finder in madden so every time you wish to move a Madden NFL player, you would have to set up the trade yourself.

    Plus you can only include up to 3 things in each trade which makes trade negotiation extremely difficult. Want see just how you could enhance the deal? Sorry no can do, CPU would not even counter you an offer. On the other hand first round picks are simply food stamps to the majority of teams and you could literally trade some scrubs for a first round pick if the Madden NFL player fits the group want. 2K is always lazy and rarely enhances myleague mode but even then 2k myleague is still 1000 miles ahead of madden franchise.

    I thought they made a large change (x variable abilities) and enjoyed very much. I will not deny however, the franchise mode is lacking compared to the NBA 2k franchise. Not even big change, they just brought back a characteristic from like 10 games ago.Ah yes, who does not adore the Enforcer ability and also the 60 forced fumbles per season by Madden NFL players who have it. Their built being shit that half the QB SS/X Factor abilities never get used. So thankful I just picked it up for 23 dollars instead of paying full price at start. MUT is a joke this year with the random deflections leading in the ideal CB deflecting a pass to the LE to select off 45 yards off… happens at least once a full game.