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    EA is a business giant with countless millions

    And when EA is inquired Madden nfl 20 coins why these features aren’t in modern Madden, they bring up the bullshit”Lack of Resources” explanation. I am sorry but do they seriously expect us to believe that shit?! EA is a business giant with countless millions of dollars in earnings. They DO have the tools to create an adequate deep football sim, they just refuse to do this since it’s not”marketable”. You want to see how profound a sports game can be?! Look at NBA 2K. Say what you may about 2K and their monetization approaches that are suspicious, at least 2K’s basketball games are deep. Everything that could occur in the modern NBA, can occur in then some and MyLeague. MyLeague’s largest element of depth is the customization.

    Even freaking Axis Football has a deeper franchise mode. And a two person group develops Axis Football. How come they have the tools for a deep franchise mode, yet one of the business giants does not? If EA had the tools to acquire a mode with actors from Madden nfl, they have the resources to create a deep franchise mode and a playing game. Speaking of that. Unrealistic Gameplay- When the NFL were seriously interested in protecting the integrity and their reputation, they’d have yanked EA’s license years. Because Madden nfl play is so laughably incorrect to that which we view on Sundays, that Madden doesn’t even come close to being correctly labeled as a”Football simulation”.

    Fade Routes are hopeless because it is not feasible for your QB to throw the football in an arc over the defense Instead, a LB or Safety will immediately pick the ball off. You wish to see fade paths should work play with APF 2K8 The infamous psychic defenders which have been a problen in Madden for years, are as poor as ever. The game stinks. In what league will you see that a QB run 20 metres back and be able to deliver a perfect throw?! The physics are wonky. It is all animation based. Not physics. Leading to tackling that is unrealistic and goofy. DBs taking angles.

    Surely, the animations would look more natural. Kick cubes are scripted. In comparison to APF 2K8. Blocking IQ also stinks, tons of inexplicable blocks that are missed. Also, having the ability to spam the same busted ass money plays every play. If this were a real NFL game, since opposing defenses and crimes would adapt immediately to that play, you would get blown the fuck outside and fired. I could go on about this, but you get the idea. If John Madden watched some of those modern games that bear his name, he’d be furious and need his name be removed from the product. Bear in mind, John was angry at the original build of John Madden Football since it wasn’t 11 on 11 soccer or the most realistic soccer game potential dependent on the current tech.