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    I won’t stop you from buying bfa

    I suggest playing on a high or complete inhabitants realm, I’ve alts on”medium” pop realms however wow gold they feel like they are abandoned. I play on a RP realm my guild are not primarily roleWOW players. You do not have to join although I enjoy the perks of being on a RP realm, and the opportunity. Check if you’re going to be a part of the dominant faction on whatever server you might join, or whether it’s split fairly. The testing of the new expansion is in progress and it is set to launch, although I won’t stop you from buying bfa. I know I wouldn’t be buying the bfa expansion the growth is finished.

    All the content is published and it may get harder and harder to get the full value out of your subscription as active WOW players consider themselves done until shadowlands comes, people are disinterested in performing the old bfa content etc.. I don’t think purchasing gametime and checking out the content around 110 is a terrible idea – but this may be single player content. If you get BFA now, you would have to purchase shadowlands after this season to play that also. Admittedly it’s the bfa material that’s most interesting to play right now, so it’s up to you. You could use a subscription up to lvl 110, and check out WOW Classic in case you’re interested.

    I am not comfortable if it is possible to play in the”pre-patch” of shadowlands without the bfa expansion but that may be a fantastic time to jump in. That is usually a month before the launch of the growth. If anybody can confirm you could play shadowlands prepatch without bfa that would be useful to understand. You don’t get gametime included. Pick a high or full pop kingdom with an even distribution of the factions, or one where you combine the dominant faction. Consider just until shadowlands comes out, playing without the bfa growth.

    Looking to get back to WOW Classic. Have not played since about a week before the Azshara patch. Thinking about how to begin getting back to WOW Classic. I played resto druid and do not know anyone that plays just curious about what to do when I come back and how to go about finding people and improving. Also are the healers viable because I don’t wish to perform what’s best but also do not wish to lessen my odds of performing well? Probably will try to look into performing raids and dungeons once I somehow locate folks.

    That being said, Resto Druid is considered top tier atm. As for what to do getting back in, the first thing you should do is receive your legendary cloak from Wrathion. It breaks down in detail. As for getting into groups, actually depends upon the sort of material you plan to do. As a healer, you are going to discover that it’s quite easy to get invites to PUGs for most low to mid range content (Mythic+ around 15, Normal and heroic raids). If you plan on being a mythic raider, that’s a bit beyond my expertise I’m afraid.