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    Kotler and Armstrong define marketing as "the process by which companies create value for clients and create strong customer relationships so that you can capture value from customer in return." This definition alone can explain why marketing is important, but let’s outline several reasons why marketing should be one of many business owner’s main priorities.

    1. Marketing builds value in your services for the customers. Most salespeople wish to know as little as possible to make the sale. Some sales staff needs technical specifications and things of that nature, but ultimately, the less they have to educate yourself on the better. This makes sense, since their goal is always to make sales. Therefore, marketing has to step up that will create value to your customer. If you can not create value to your customers, why will they invest in you? Sometimes they are going to invest in you once, but will they are offered back if there is no value?

    More often than not, business owners don’t take advantage of all the ways they can give value with their customers. They explore the assembly or product idea of marketing and end up having marketing myopia. Marketing myopia occurs when a company pays more care about the product/service as opposed to value or benefits it gives you on the customer. You can’t permit this to happen. Take note of your visitors and why they buy your product or service. Find a Toyota Prius not simply because it will save on gas, but because it can make them fell more eco-friendly.

    2. Marketing assists in building customer relationships. Everyone put increased exposure of the sales staff when it comes to sales. "If the sales staff doesn’t work harder, we will never increase sales," however is not necessarily true. It costs thrice all the to obtain a new customer since it does to keep an existing one. This means you need to keep up with the relationship together with your current customers as a way to lower marketing and sales costs while increasing sales.

    Properly planned and implemented marketing activities would be the only approach to build customer relationships. These activities may include many things: loyalty programs, thank-you cards, customer appreciation events, freebies, and the like. Each company should have a distinctive method to set themselves apart from the competition while building a loyal and long-lasting relationship.

    3. Marketing establishes a brand image. Usually when you use FedEx for shipping, guess what happens you will get: fast delivery, flexible shipping options, and better service than other shippers. Are all of those things true? They might be, but their marketing activities established all of these. FedEx will need to surpass these expectations of the brand, on the other hand marketing department set the buyer up with this image.

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